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A’ Design Award & Competition is one of the World’s leading international annual juried accolade for design. The A’ Design Awards are organized in all creative fields to bring out the greatest design works from all countries in all disciplines. Entries to the competition are blind peer reviewed by an influential jury panel of leading academics, important press members and established professionals. The A’ Design Award is an opportunity for popularity, eminence, attention and international recognition to The A’ Design Award Winners through the Coveted A’ Design Prize which is given to celebrate all awarded designers.

Entering The A’ Design Competition is a valuable opportunity for all design oriented brands that comes up with original design work. A’ Design Award & Competition is an exceptional medium to promote good design to millions of design oriented audiences including design buyers and press members. Indeed, as a part of the A’ Design Prize, the winners are given services such as physical exhibition of the awarded designs, inclusion of awarded designs in annual yearbook of best designs, a special publicty campaign for winners, invitation to the black-tie galanight and most importantly, the ability to use the award winning design logo on your marketing and communications. Here is what A’ Design Award winners get; Learn about the A’ Design Prize.

The A’ Design Award & Competition has a philanthropic goal to advance society by advancing the frontiers of science, design, and technology forward by pushing designers to come up with superior ideas. The “A’ Design Award & Competition’s Awarded Design” logo, given to all awarded designs, signifies authentic, functional and friendly designs that help the world become a better place.

Every year, original design work that focus on positive change, design and creativity worldwide are awarded with the A’ Design Award. Entries to The A’ Design Competition are accepted in categories such as Spatial Design, Communication Design, Product Design, and more. The unabridged list of competition categories are available here.

Entries are accepted annually until February 28th and results are announced every year on April 15. Designers worldwide are invited to join the accolades by entering their greatest works, projects and products. Learn more about A’ Design Award and see past winners at Design Mag which is a showcase of good design work worldwide.

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Enjoy our selection of submitted designs below…


Air Touch by LKK Innovation Design Group - Platinum A' Home Appliances Design Award in 2015


Orion by Limay Türkkan & Anıl Tontus - Platinum A' Lighting Products and Projects Design Award in 2015


Adria Airways by Pit Palmer - Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award in 2015


Cookoo by CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd - Platinum A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award in 2013