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‘Come down but fast – the dashing ski-armchair’, is the latest campaign by premium-liquor manufacturer ‘Jägermeister‘ who has re-invented the ski-lift ‘normal’ which can be seen on every piste.

The inventors thought about a fancy way to get down the piste by reconstructing a typical, everyday armchair. This weird power vehicle, transports you quite fast and is the perfect match for every adrenaline junkie!
It is already Jägermeister’s second project under the title ‘#einfachmachen!’, what means ‘#freeyourself!’. The whole thing has evolved from a competition where everybody submitted their ideas for a special construction. A jury formed by Jägermeister, honored the best and weirdest ideas back in November 2015. The idea by the second placed can be seen in the video – the ski-armchair. The winners and and also the second-placed got 5000 Euros in order to build their idea.
We do completely agree that this is one of the funniest projects. Enjoy the short clip and the project itself which has been realized by Ben, Sven and some of their friends who are enjoying their ride on this so called ski-armchair and a cold Jägermeister-drink afterwards.

Some hard facts about Jägermeister: Did you already know that this liquor is produced in a small city in Northern Germany called ‘Wolfenbüttel’ and Germans drinking it since over 80 years!? … We have to admit: We didn’t know…

Sponsored by Jägermeister.