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Loris Azzaro–A name which invades our ears. We already know about this label and also it’s hypnotic fragrance. The extravagant lifestyle which is embodied in their latest perfume-bottle. “Wanted” marks the relaunch of Azzaro and plays with common stereotypes such us a classic gun–the revolver. The new bottle symbolizes power and ambition and is the third product in Azzaro’s classical line titled “Pour Homme” and “Chrome”.
The man gets what he want when he fights for it–Azzaro’s fragrance supports him. The flacon underlines exactly that–an object of desire. The small bottle combines technology with style–two things the modern but also classic type of man wants and enjoys. The actor in the short video wears a luxury tuxedo which matches perfectly and accompanies him–the fragrance by Azzaro too. The odor was created by famous perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin who found the essence of what a man wants. We can’t wait to try this scent titled “WANTED” out which expresses the modern lifestyle of a man.

The video “WANTED” itself was filmed in Spain’s metropole Barcelona–a pulsating city which gets its relevance for Azzaro.

Good to know:
The company “Firmenich” did certain arrangements with their suppliers in order to guarantee fair market terms for the communities.

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