The barbecue-season is still in the fledgling stage but we are already excited! The smell the taste and last but not least the atmosphere during a barbecue-lesion with friends and family.
The supermarket-chain PENNY celebrates this experience as well and published recently their latest campaign which is an Ode to this lovely experience. Neighbouring and unconventional are the two key-phrases by PENNY wich they have copied par for par into their ‘Grillparty’-campaign.
The German actor Christian Ulmen plays in their latest series of web-videos, five different characters in a comedic and ironic way. All these characters played by Ulmen are neighbours and colleagues. At the beginning it seems like a nice but normal evening having barbecue but ‘Andi’ who invited his colleagues, didn’t expect his, let’s say ‘different’ neighbors such as Beate, Gero, Valentin and Frederic. The scenery changed…
The characters having a second meaning in the videos. Every one of them is standing for a certain series of products relating to PENNY’S barbecue essentials such as ‘Veggie’-Valentin or ‘Gourmet’-Gero.
On their website you can find some quite interesting tips for recipes, special products, raffles and important facts for the european soccer championships.

Sponsored by PENNY.

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