Tullamore D.E.W. embodies the modern Irish lifestyle and inverse! Since 1829 the Irish whiskey brand combines three different sorts such as Pot Still, Malt and Grain in order to create an unique taste . A recipe which still carries the inventors thumbprint. Daniel Edmond Williams’ formula still pleases Irish generations and even people from all over the world who are familiar with its taste.

A modern dandy knows about the heritage and the highly challenging manufacturing procedure of Tullamore’s whiskey. But not only the connoisseur understands the quality of Tullamore D.E.W. … a sip is enough to understand what the brand is talking about. The threefold distillation makes the whiskey soft in its taste and that is what made Tullamore famous all over the world!
The history of Daniel Edmond Williams – the founding father of Tullamore – and the whiskeys birthplace is legendary. He was the very first person who brought up electricity, cars and telephones to the small village Tull-amore – an important step for the distribution of his blend whiskey.

The brand transports the Irish passion for music and literature and hence it supports the poetry-slam-scene also in Germany. Since 2013 they support poetry-slam events in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin among others.

Back in autumn 2014 the company built a second distillery to produce even more whiskey – an invest for the future. A story which began with an idea of a visionary named Daniel Edmond Williams.

Sponsored by Tullamore D.E.W.